What is the best white tea and best white tea brand you need to know

A recent discovery in the West, White Tea is renowned for its effects on happiness and wellness in the East. White tea is beverage with shades of ivory to colorless and is often seen harvested in the flush season.

In terms of quality, the white colored tea is second to green tea. Differing based on the species of Camellia, specific to Fujian, plucking style of the buds can also be vital.

What is White Tea

Considered a premium brand of Tea to America and Europe, White Tea has always been a common brew of the China, Japan, Sri Lana and India. White Tea has negligible to null processing, in contrast to 50- 100% oxidization of green or black tea.

The cherished virtue of the tea is that instead of leaves, closed buds are harvested in early for white tea. The buds are graded based on silvery-white strands on its outer surface while the tea is green to pale. White Tea is sun dried or baked and never fired.

White Tea is one of the highest-quality teas that are merely withered and dried, opposite to shaking, panning or rolling. The deciding factor of white tea is its selection and hence, plucking style as well as time.

Type of White Tea

Depending on the region, time and stage of plucking, almost all types of tea differ. White Tea follows the same code; however, plucking time and style, matters the most. Younger the leaves, richer the taste!

· Silver Needle

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Also known as the highest pekoe of teas, Silver Needle or Baihao Yinzen roots from China. The finest of white teas are also the most expensive variety, where merely the real silver strands of the top buds are picked. Two regions are known for the produces- Fuding and Zhenge.

· Assam White

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Yielding the most refined fusions of premium white teas, Assam white tea has a distinct nature of tea buds. The silvery hairs are if Assam White Tea is soaked in a traditional black of the Indian Teas. The brew is sweet, light and malty, known to have a high number of oxidants as well as flavanoids.

· Tribute Eyebrow

Known to be the lowest grade of white teas, Tribute Eyebrow is also known as Gong Mei in China. Short Xia Bai trees are known to be the producers of the common white tea variety. The leaves are collected from April until June and claim a loud flavor.

· Darjeeling White

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It has a delicate aroma and brews to a pale golden cup with a mellow sweet taste. Originating in the north-east part of Indi, Darjeeling tea is particularly fluffy and light.

· White Peony

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Also known as, Bai Mudan, White Peony is a Chinese White Tea second to Silver Needle. White Peony forms a bud and two top leaves of the tea. It is harvested in the months of March until April and produces a floral brew with a golden hue. The leaves are wilted naturally in the sun and have limited astringency.

· Ceylon White

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The high priced tea coming from the lush hills of Sri Lanka is noteworthy for its copper shade and honey-like taste. The tea is harvested from the Southern side of the island country, Galle and is popularly known as silver tips. Ceylon white is grown at elevations of 7000- 8000 ft and hand rolled, in addition to being sun-baked.

· Long Life Eyebrow

Shou Mei or longevity eyebrow is a low grade of white tea, grown in Fujian and Guangxi, in China. Long life eyebrow is also known to have golden crisp of leaves amongst the white tea buds. Shou Mei tea is a furry grade of tea that has an uneven mix of the buds and tips of leaves.

How does White Tea influence your health?

The highest quality of white tea results in long silver white hair forming a layer over the brew. Furthermore, certain gong fu style of brewing the white tea entails seeping a limited quantity of water in large leaves for a precise count of seconds less than a minute!

· Anti Ageing

Popularly known for its anti-ageing properties and oxidizing nature, white tea contributes to stabilizing free radicals and developing supple skin. Polyphenols in the white tea help to neutralize and support new cell growth.

Generating new cells through cell neuroprotection is an added bonus unique to white tea.

· Weight Loss

An imbalanced diet can adversely affect weight and even lead to obesity or malnourishment. If you consume white tea for a prolonged while, your body’s rate of adipogenesis or fat formation decreases. For people looking natural weight loss, white tea is the key!

· Oral Hygiene

The common headache of halitosis or bad breath is not the lone oral ailment cured by White Tea. Hence, it actively kills tooth bacteria that fuels plaque and tooth decay. In addition, the flavanoids prevent dental caries as well.

· Diabetes Prevention

Most teas add to subtract the erratic sugar levels of an elderly person or one suffering from diabetes mellitus. A regular consumption of white tea can help to relieve many symptoms of the disease including thirst. Additionally, white tea adds to lower glucose levels and active insulin secretion.

· Stop Cancer

Apart from removing the risk of cancer, white tea also helps to introduce removal of cells or cell death. Many major cancerous growths such as lung cancer can be eradicated with its anti-mutagenic properties.

Keep in mind …

The golden thing to keep in mind when beginning your new brew of white tea is to know it well. If you know the roots of your tea, you can also explore and experiment the various properties of white tea.

White Tea

A product of the Camellia sinensis, white tea requires the cleanest mineral water during brewing. In addition, make sure to re-brew your tea 3-4 times before discarding. More the seeping phases, white tea will eject more nutrients into the water.

Consuming about 2 to 4 cups of white tea per day is perfect for healing and preventing diseases.

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