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What is the best herbal tea and 11 types of herbal teas you need you know

Every time we eat, we either feed or kill the diseases within us.

Herbal Tea or Tisane (Tea-zan) is an infusion of spices and herbs in boiling water that boost immunity and energises our body to fight and win over sickness. Herbal Tea is not as intoxicant, but a health drink, as it is even sans coffee. A decoction that is both physically and spiritually healing, Herbal Tea has its roots in ancient China and Egypt.

As poisonous plants may contain an undue amount of toxin, it is wrong to blindly trust all local herbal teas. Comfrey and Lobelia are two poisonous alkaloids that can contaminate herbal teas.

Herbal Tea Defined

Also known as Tisane, herbal tea reacts in varied ways with different people. For pregnant women, the herbal tea made from nutmegs and saffron is fatal. Nevertheless, bhang is a cannabis tea that is intoxicating and simultaneously relieving to people in pain.

Tea is prepared by pouring boiling water over the herbal mixture and letting it soak and steep the flavor for an appropriate time. When proportionately mixed with herbs and spices, herbal tea becomes a medical concoction for ailments of stomach, throat, and lungs.

List of herbal teas and herbal tea benefits

Depending on the herbs and other ingredients used to make the decoction, herbal tea varies. From strictly medicinal to fitness teas, Herbal Tea appears in many faces. This is because the decoction can be prepared from most dried flowers, spices, herbs, leaves, seeds, roots and bark. Hence, if you’re adding roots, you must pre-boil the same than adding boiling water to seep into the powder.

· Chamomile Tea

The tea is a cure for many ailments of the stomach, in addition to being a powerful sleeping aid. The herb is also known for its anti-inflammatory functions and is hence, used as a mild laxative in situations.

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The active ingredient is bisabolol, which also helps control muscle twitches and anxiety.

· Peppermint Tea

[amazon box=”B009L6Q2YW”] A perfect kick to begin a long day at dawn, peppermint tea is better known for the anti-inflammatory function which helps reduce halitosis. Peppermint tea before bed will give you a good night’s sleep, in addition to reducing fever, nausea and chronic cough.

· Dry Ginger Tea

From being antispasmodic to stopping common cold, ginger is a perfect herb to add to your tea. If you ground the ginger and make tea with it, the health benefits are tenfold more. Some benefits of ginger are improving the respiratory health, stopping vomiting and prevention of breast, ovarian and skin cancers.
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· Catnip Tea

[amazon box=”B008A0CPDM”] First documented in early 18th century to be used as tea, catnip is a known medicine that forces menstruation in women. The herbal tea is also ideal for cramps, indigestion, hives and nervousness, in addition to increasing the appetite.

· Coffee Cherry Tea

Also known as cascara, coffee cherry tea is a tea with caffeine, made from leftover coffee. Named a tropical berry fruit by most, coffee cherry tea has a strong smell and scanty color. Known as nature’s red bull, cascara is best served as both hot and cold.
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The tea is known for its anti-narcoleptic effects that awaken the body with an earthy taste. As it contains 50% number of antioxidants than in a cranberry, coffee cherry tea is a sure packed herbal tea!

· Echinacea Tea

The perfect infusion for those who suffer from frequent illnesses, Echinacea is known for boosting the immune system to its maximum. Echinacea tea can be healing for cancers, common cold, hay fever, dizziness, insomnia, arthritis and tongue numbness.

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The tea is made from the flowers of Echinacea and is mainly used as a painkiller.

· Spruce Tea

Spruce tips are dried and used as tea, and are best for the throat problems. Even known to combat cancer, spruce tips are rich in Vitamin C, Carotenoids, Magnesium and Potassium. The tip of spruce gives a tangy flavor and the decoction is also termed as Pine Needle Tea.

The tea is known to be healing for people with varicosity, sclerosis, kidney troubles, eye problems, vitality and anti ageing.

· Mountain Tea

Renowned as Greek Mountain Tea, the shepherd’s tea refers to the decoction of ironworts including its stems, flowers, and leaves. The tea is rich in iron and best known for its prevention of terminal illnesses like cancer, strokes and cholesterol.

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Shepherd’s tea also soothes the mind, decreases anxiety and increases immunity.

· Rooibos Tea

The best cure to the biggest problem – headaches, Red Rooibos herbal tea is ideal for asthmas, allergies and ageing.

[amazon box=”B00F2GW4J2″] The popular herbal tea of South Africa is also anti-inflammatory and antioxidant in nature. It promotes the strength of your bones and decreases diabetes mellitus.

· Red Clover Tea

[amazon box=”B00BGVNA54″] An easily accessible herb, red clover tea raises good cholesterol, increases blood circulation and improves the health at menopause. The herb is also anti-inflammatory and hence, perfect to use on rashes or skin irritations.

· Bhang or Cannabis Tea

[amazon box=”B00014JK6A”] Made from weed, Bhang is an Indian Tea that is best for cancer patients who dislike smoking the grass. The herb is known for its relaxing effects, perfect for people with anxiety, in pain, nausea and many auto-immune diseases like AIDS.

Poppy Tea is another intoxicating tea that is also taken for its anti-diarrheal and analgesic effects.

Before you Go …

There are many health benefits to herbal tea. They resolve the aches of most of our organ body including digestive, respiratory, circulatory and reproductive system. The main substance in the tea enters the blood system, widens blood vessels and transports essential antibodies to areas that need healing. Herbs like St. John’s Wort are known to raise brain chemicals and help to reduce diseases like Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD.

From weight loss to increasing your concentration and getting younger or stress relief, herbal tea is the best gift you can give to your body, mind and soul.

Next time you think about having a bottle of fruited preservative, go to your kitchen, add herbs to hot water and have infusion. You will be ten times more healthier than you’d been!

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