The best organic matcha green tea powder with reviews and buying guide

The best organic matcha green tea powder with reviews and buying guide

We always talk about health, fitness and healthy diet and always keep green tea as the main ingredient in the diet plan. But have you ever heard about organic matcha green tea. The organic matcha green tea is a fine powder of natural green tea leaves. The leaves of matcha green tea are grown in shades so that they can be rich in chlorophyll that make the leaves more green than other green tea leaves. It is from the traditions of Japanese culture. It has a lots of benefits like it enhances your metabolism, reduces your stress , boosts your immunity and lowers your bad cholesterol etc. The antioxidant power of one cup of matcha tea is equivalent to the antioxidant power in the ten cups of another tea.

Grade classification of organic matcha green tea powder

There are main two grades of Matcha. These grades can be further classified into other grades.

1. Ceremonial grade:

Quality wise this grade tea is remarkable. The youngest and de-stemmed leaves are used in this grade. It is a very fine talc-like powder and smells grassy. Half teaspoon of this grade is sufficient in a cup of hot water. It is recommended not to use this grade in other recipes like baking and smoothies etc.

Color: It is intense green in color and the texture is also very fine. Its intense green color helps you to distinguish it from the other.
Taste: This grade of Matcha is naturally sweet in taste and can be consumed straight after whisking with hot water without mixing any sweeteners.
Packaging: For regular size it is packed in tins and for bulk size it is packed in stand-up zip pouches to keep it refreshing.

kenko matcha green tea powder

One of the most premiums Ceremonial Grade Tea is KENKO Matcha Green Tea Powder. It is made of handpicked soft tea leaves and is then dried in air to stone ground it. It is extremely healthy as it contains 137 times more antioxidants as compared to normal green tea. It is highly bright green in colour. It is lab tested to make sure that it is pesticide free and safe to drink.
It is USDA certified and is packaged in a tin like sealed metal container that opens up with a popup seal as in a soda can. This packaging keeps it oxidized and fresh. It is a rich source of vitamins, amino acids, EGCG fibres and so is a good fat cutter better than other slimming supplements. Its flavour is sweet and smooth to a certain extent.

KENKO Matcha Green Tea Powder [USDA Organic] Ceremonial Grade - Japanese, Green, 30g (1oz)
  • CEREMONIAL GRADE QUALITY - This is the highest grade matcha tea available. Only the youngest, greenest, and most delicate leaves are chosen to enhance the natural sweetness of the tea. There is no...
  • DELICIOUS COFFEE ALTERNATIVE - Matcha tea contains roughly 25-35mg of caffeine per half teaspoon, but won't make you jittery or cause an afternoon coffee crash. Matcha green tea also contains...
  • GUARANTEED FRESH - Our premium matcha tea is ordered in small batches and ground fresh to order. This means it is fresher than what's sold in stores, and freshness means brilliant color, intoxicating...
  • AUTHENTIC JAPANESE ORIGIN- Our organic matcha tea is shade grown in the Nishio region of Japan by matcha tea experts. The special climate of Nishio produces the highest quality natural matcha tea. It...
  • CERTIFIED USDA ORGANIC - Our Japanese matcha tea is raised, harvested, and processed without the use of harmful pesticides or inorganic fertilizers and is non GMO and gluten free. It is hand picked...

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Likes: I am very much impressed with the ultimate taste and extreme color of KENKO Matcha Green Tea. Its fresh grassy scent packed in a seal is also liked by many people. The sweet and smooth flavour of a 1 tsp of Kenko Matcha Tea in a cup of warm water that provides a lot of energy is no doubted the part of each user’s daily routine.

Dislikes: The price of Kenko Matcha Green Tea is the major part disliked by me. I also found that it is bitter in taste , it may be because I pour the tea into the boiling water or boil the tea with water. This process of preparing the tea burns the leaves/ powder and make the taste bitter.

  1. Culinary Grade

    It is another main category and is moderately different from Ceremonial grade. It can be used in other cooking purposes like baking. You can add more sweeteners into it if not added can taste slightly bitter . You need to add one or two teaspoons of Culinary Grade Organic Matcha Geen Tea Powder in a cup of hot water with sweetener. They are also called second harvest leaves. We can get them in the month of June

    • Color : It is less green in color as compared to Ceremonial Grade. But the green color of it is noticeable and can distinguish it from others.
    • Taste : It is less sweet with more bitter taste. So you need to add extra ingredients or sweeteners to make it taste better.
    • Packaging : These can be packaged into thick sealed bags or pouches, pull-tab can or in tins containing inner bags.

As the ceremonial grade is used specially for ceremonies thus is available only in one grade but different brands, we can classify culinary grade into other grades or sometimes people call culinary grade with some other names like cooking grade. Thus following can be other grades.

Classic Grade : It is another type of Matcha green tea powder. Quality wise it is best. Different brands provide different ranges of Classic Grade that depends on the servings and the weightage packed in a package. It is very easily and widely available. It is also made of less soft leaves.

The best Classic Grade Matcha Green Tea available in the market is Jade Leaf – Organic Matcha Classic Green Tea Powder. It is good for baking and cooking. It can be available in three sizes : Starter Size, Value Size and Super Value Size and the price also vary accordingly. It is a very affordable way to boost the taste of recipes. It is all natural and 100% USDA certified.
Each serving of this grade tea contains caffeine equivalent to 1/3 of a cup of coffee. The presence of L-Theanine in it provides you a calming effect. Two servings a day are good to get maximum benefits. The different lab tests conducted on it ensures that it does not contain any radiations or other contaminants. It is a little bit bitter in taste when making tea which can be overcome by sprinkling dark chocolate or adding some sweetener into it.

Jade Leaf Matcha Green Tea Powder - USDA Organic, Authentic Japanese Origin - Classic Culinary Grade (Smoothies, Lattes, Baking, Recipes) - Antioxidants, Energy [30g Starter Size]
  • 100% USDA Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder, All Natural, Nothing Added (naturally gluten free and vegan)
  • Authentic Japanese Origin - sourced directly from organic farms in Uji, Japan, allowing us to provide better quality at better pricing than our competitors
  • Create Amazing Matcha Recipes - Culinary Grade Matcha is an affordable way to add a delicious, healthy boost to smoothies, lattes, baked goods, and other dishes. Included with your order is a helpful...
  • Healthy Superfood - matcha is rich in antioxidants, helps boost metabolism, great source of natural energy and mental clarity
  • Love It or Your Money Back - if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase of our Matcha for any reason, just email us and we'll refund your order in full, no questions asked.

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Likes: It is liked by me the most for its reasonable price, dark color and great taste. I like it mixing with other recipes like smoothies, ice tea, cookies etc to enhance the taste. This Matcha goes under test for the presence of radiations but still for caution some people suggested to add Nutrex Spirulina powder with your drink everyday to avoid radiations effect if any.

Dislikes: The powdery texture of this grade of matcha green tea is the main dislike of it.

Latte or Cafe Grade : This grade is better to prepare latte or other drinks. Its consistency helps it to get properly whisked to make a premium latte. The available products of this grade can vary depending on the quantity, quality and packaging. It is made up of slightly more ripened leaves than soft and new leaves. Its flavour is very strong thus can make a very good latte.

One of the best Latte or Cafe Grade that you can find in the market is Jade Leaf – Organic Japanese Matcha Latte Mix . It is available in a pouch like packing of 150g for 10 servings.
It is USDA Organic. It contains slight sweet elements so need to just add milk. It can easily get mixed with hot or iced drinking stuff.
It does not contain any additives and artificial ingredients. you just need to add 1 tablespoon of it into any kind of normal or favoured milk to get a cup of energy. It contains natural sugarcane for sweetness.
Refrigerate it to keep its freshness for long term .

Jade Leaf - Organic Japanese Matcha Latte Mix - Make Delicious Matcha Green Tea Powder Lattes at Home [150g pouch]
  • Create delicious matcha green tea lattes at home - 150g (15 servings).
  • Lightly sweetened cafe style blend
  • Just add your favorite milk (regular, almond, soy, coconut - all work great)
  • Mixes easily in hot or iced preparations.
  • Contains 100% USDA Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder, All Natural, (naturally gluten free and vegan), and 100% organic cane sugar

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Likes: It is easy to make hot and cold tasty lattes. It is high quality delicious matcha green tea. The main plus points for this grade is that it contains simple ingredients, it is easy to prepare hot and cold lattes at reasonable prices. It can be an easy and tasty alternative to coffee.

Dislikes: Some people found high caffeine in it but it contains only 1/3 of the caffeine present in a cup of coffee.

Cooking or Kitchen Grade : the culinary grade sometimes also called kitchen or cooking grade. It is used in many dishes and recipes. It is available in large packages so is more suitable for long term use in kitchens.

One suggestion for the cooking grade Matcha tea is Midori Spring (Eco) Organic Japanese Matcha. You can use it for Cooking, Drinks, Baking etc.
It is the best choice for them who are looking for best and most Flavourful Organic Matcha. Its color is olive. It is Certified by WSDA, Kosher, Vegan. It is 100% safe for consumption as it does not contain any kind of added products like wheat, gluten etc and it goes through a number of metal and radiation tests.It comes from organic Japanese Tencha leaves.
Only 1-2 tbsp of it is sufficient for your recipes. Refrigerate it after opening to keep it fresh so that it can support your metabolism and can provide you healthy immune system on every use.


Midori Spring Organic Culinary Matcha 100g
  • AUTHENTIC CULINARY MATCHA - For the Matcha enthusiasts who are looking for the most flavorful Japanese Organic Matcha powder for lattes, smoothies, cooking and baking. Eco Class is olive in color,...
  • PREMIUM QUALITY and FRESHNESS ASSURED - Sourced from the most prestigious tea gardens in Nishio Japan, our leaves are Shade Grown and nurtured in facilities designed to MAXIMIZE the oxygen flow to the...
  • DAILY ENERGY - With only 1/3 the caffeine of coffee, matcha provides a great source of natural energy (without the JITTERS) throughout the day. Our Culinary grade Matcha is known to contain HIGH...
  • USDA ORGANIC and KOSHER CERTIFIED - Certified by WSDA, Seattle Va'ad Kosher Certified, Vegan Certified by Vegan Action. Midori Spring Organic Eco Class Matcha also contains NO GLUTEN, NO GMO, and...
  • QUALITY DELIVERED - We at Midori Spring believe in our products 100 percent. However, our customers are just important to us. If you are not completely satisfied with our product FOR ANY REASON,...

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Likes: It is great for cooking and is of bold green color. The fine powder is sealed in a reseal able pack so that you can store it for long term use.

Dislikes: some people don't like its taste, so use it into your recipes.

Premium Grade : it is a very high quality grade of matcha green tea. It can be consumed everyday without any break. Its texture is very fine and is available at reasonable prices too. It properly blends with the water to give a smooth mixture. You can get confused it with ceremonial grade but there is a slight difference in their colours. The premium grade is slightly less green than ceremonial grade.

The Premium Grade Matcha Green Tea available is Superior Culinary Grade Matcha Tea. You can find it in different packaging like Starter Bag, Ceremonial Grade, Value Bag. It is the most powerful Matcha Tea
You can find in the market. You can enjoy its different health benefits like metabolism boosting, immune system enhancements, cholesterol improvement, skin and hair improvement etc.It is also USDA certified.
It can be used in cooking as well as like ceremonial grade. Its 1/2 to 1 tbsp is sufficient for a cup of tea or any other recipe.


Matcha Green Tea Powder - Superior Culinary - USDA Organic From Japan -Natural Energy & Focus Booster Packed With Antioxidants. Matcha Tea For Mixing In Lattes, Smoothies & Baking. By eco heed 3.5oz
  • A Natural Superfood - Increases energy & endurance, rich in antioxidants (the magical nutrient that gives us younger-looking skin)
  • The L-Theanine found in Matcha Tea boosts alpha brain waves that enhances mood & concentration.
  • Increase Metabolism - Matcha increases metabolism and helps the body burn fat.
  • 100% Certified Organic USDA & JAS. Our Premium Matcha Green Tea Powder is VIBRANT GREEN in colour & has a FRESH GRASSY Aroma (gluten free & vegan)
  • Carefully shade grown, picked, sorted & ground by our expert Matcha farmers in Kyoto, Japan for 3 generations. Producing higher quality Matcha at a better price. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED or your...

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Likes: The quality, beautiful green color with no bitterness is the main plus point that make you purchase it. It is high quality Matcha green Tea under reasonable price. It is not bitter but with some grassy touch. Its texture is smooth and soft.

Dislikes: some people don't like its taste, may be because of every user have its own taste.

Ingredient Grade : It is so called because it can be added as ingredient in many recipes. Old leaves are added into it to give it a strong flavour. It is cheaper than other grades of organic matcha green tea. This grade of matcha is thick in texture and can be used to prepare many recipes like smoothies, ice creams, desserts etc. When whisked properly with milk can give very consistent batter for different recipes.

One of the Ingredient Grade is Matcha Green Tea powder from Kiss Me Organics. The Kiss me Organics’ Matcha Green Tea Powder is 100% organic and is available in stand-up pouch .
It raises the level of your nervous activity in the body. Thus, it keeps you 4-5 hours active a day enabling you to focus on your day to day work. Its origin is from Japan and is grown in Shizuoka. The sizes of Kiss me Organics’ available : Ceremonial Grade, Culinary Grade, Vita Matcha.
Culinary Grade and Vita Matcha are available in stand up pouch to help you keep it fresh and refreshing. The ceremonial Grade is available in cans with a batch of premium on it. It is little light in color.


Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder - Japanese Culinary Grade Matcha - 4 oz (113 grams) - Increases Energy and Focus and Naturally Supports Weight Loss - From Kiss Me Organics
  • ORGANIC, VEGAN & NON-GMO. Made from 100% organic Japanese matcha powder, lab tested to ensure its additive and chemical-free. You get the purest matcha powder packed with vital antioxidants and...
  • POWERFUL ANTIOXIDANT. Contains 137x the antioxidants of brewed green tea and 30% recommended daily dose of manganese (a powerful antioxidant that improves skin, bones, and several other systems) per...
  • LONG LASTING ENERGY. Rich in L-theanine, an amino acid that supports enhanced mood, calm and clean, long-lasting energy and better focus and memory with no jitters of caffeine crash.
  • DELICIOUS & NUTRITIOUS. Add a powerful health boost every time you sneak this into your (or your families) smoothies, lattes or other recipes. It promotes optimal brain and body function, and adds a...
  • 100% LIFETIME GUARANTEE. Our green tea matcha powder is made with love from the purest organic green tea leaves available. You'll feel 100% satisfied, guaranteed, or we'll do whatever it takes to make...

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Likes: Contains no additives and is 100% organic. Gives you an ultimate energy boost without any side effects. No need to add any sweeteners.

Dislikes: I find it hard to dissolve in water.

Health and energy benefits of organic matcha green tea powder

It can boost your energy to a high level as it contains caffeine along with other useful nutrients. It contains L-Theanine so it does not cause any type of hypertension or other problems like nervousness, increased heart rate or blood pressure. A cup of organic matcha tea in the afternoon can provide you needed extra focus.
It also make your blood sugar level stable and ease your constipation as it contains easily absorbable fibres.
The epigallocatechin gallate is a type of antioxidant which helps you to prevent cancer and a study in University of Colorado in 2003 proved that one cup of organic Matcha green tea in a day can provide 137 times more epigallocatechin gallate than normal green tea’s
It ameliorates your cholesterol by lowering down your bad cholesterol and enhancing the good cholesterol.
It also rejuvenates your immune system and helps you to fight with lots of diseases. It comprises of antibiotic properties that provide you a good quantity of Potassium, Vitamins, Calcium and other minerals. It also helps your immune to protect you from HIV.
Organic matcha green tea also enhances the calorie burn rate and supports in losing wait. If you do workout immediately after drinking organic matcha green tea then this will boost the fat burn in your body up to 25%.
It is also beneficial for diabetic population. It maintains the glucose content level in the body.

Types Available

With the different grades available there are two types of Matcha green tea available i.e. Koicha tea and Usucha tea

  • Koicha tea : It is thick in texture and is most widely used in ceremonies so can also be a type of ceremonial grade. It is sweet in taste and need not to add any type of sweeteners.
  • Usucha tea : it is thin in texture and needs the sweetener to be added as it is less sweet in taste.
    organic matcha green tea v/s loose leaf tea

Many people these days are still using loose leaf green tea and are throwing a lots of nutrition and minerals while preparing that tea. As when you ferment the loose leaf tea in water, The water is able to get small level of green tea benefits and a large level of its benefits remain in the leaves. Only the consumption of entire green leave can provide you a fully fledged level of benefits.

But the scene in Organic Matcha green tea is totally different. It is available in stone-ground form so when you prepare it, the water will absorb its 100% nutritional value. Thus, helping you to get prime health benefits.

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