What is Oolong Tea and best Oolong Tea brand reviews

The simple and easy preparation of oolong is cherished as much as a caffeinated jolt. Nevertheless, Oolong Tea has a high rate of Caffeine and users must take care not to have too much!

The delicate taste of the tea owes it to the partial oxidation while complete oxidation forms black tea. On the other hand, Green tea leaves are 0% oxidized.

What is Oolong Tea?

Made from the plant named Camellia sinensis, Oolong tea is made by heating the tea leaves partially to stop oxidation. Oolong tea is a fermented type of tea brewed from the leaves, and buds of the sinensis plant.

The exotic tea is known for its daunting style of preparation of partial oxidation. Moreover, it is made from the same family of leaves as black and green teas, oolong tea differs based on its preparation methods.

Oolong Tea is also known as Brown Tea or Dragon Noir in places where it is easily available. Especially relevant for its composition of caffeine, theobromine and theophylline, oolong tea the tastiest too!

Varieties of Oolong Tea

A magical tea that helps to ignite the brain cells and thoughts, Oolong tea is available in countless varieties too. Unlike intoxicating teas of poppy seeds or cannabis, Oolong is also popular for its weight loss effect today.

· Fujian Oolong Tea

Chinese Oolong Tea 100 Tea Bags
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One of the most famous of the Chinese Oolongs is the Fujian Oolong Tea. Collected from the hills of Wiyu and Anxi, Fujian Tea is one of the exotic varieties of Oolong.

Anxi- Produces the famed teas- Tieguanyin (Iron Goddess of Mercy) and Huangjin (Golden Cassia).
Wuyi- An expensive variety collected from the mountains of Wuyi with an organic production base. The teas famous from the region are Big Red Globe, Golden Water Turtle, Iron Arhat, Cassia and

· Taiwanese Oolong Tea

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Having a history of 3 centuries of tea growing, Taiwanese Oolong follows the tea varieties of Fujian. The many varieties of Taiwanese Oolong are

· Oriental Beauty– Having golden tips, Dongfang Meiren has a red look with sweetness in taste.

Special Tea Oriental Beauty Loose Leaf Oolong Tea, 3 Ounce
  • An absolutely spectacular dark oolong that is not readily available and subject to the whims of mother nature.
  • A full body oolong with subtle hints of peach with notes of honey . This harvest will not last. If you love this tea, the way we do, make haste.
  • Each packet of 3 oz. tea is individually handmade.
  • Shipped in resealable foil pouch to help retain freshness.
  • Makes about 40 cups of tea.

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· Pouchong– A floral oolong that is mellow and made from unrolled leaves that differ from brown to green in color, Pouchong is grown in Taipei.

Hale Tea Oolong Tea, Formosa Pouchong Special, 2-Ounce
  • 2-Ounces of Loose Tea
  • Sweet and smooth
  • Medium to low caffeine level; Serve hot.
  • Resealable clear stand-up pouch
  • Hale Tea Company based in Savannah, Georgia; Traces its roots back to a humble tea shop in London, England in 1872

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· Lishan– Grown at the mountain of Lishan, the oolong is akin to alishan and is the best variety of Taiwanese Oolongs. Lishan is grown at an elevation of oddly 1000m and sometimes on the Taiwanese mango trees.

Teawan Lishan Oolong Tea 150 Gram Vacuumed Packed Supreme Grade High Quality Tea Leaves
  • Taiwan Lishan Oolong Tea, Supreme Grade High Quality 150 gram whole tea leaves
  • 100% Taiwan Lishan high altitude mountains oolong tea. Crafted loose tea made from hand picked tea leaves.
  • Organic hand picked leaves
  • Lower cholestral, Build immunity, Boost metabolism,Loose weight, Help digestion, and detoxification
  • Teawan tea leaves bags contains only unshredded whole leaves, we use quality tea leaves for a healthy and tasty brew

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· Frozen Summit– Known as ice peak or Dongding, the oolong is harvested from Nantou County and is known for its mellow fragrance.

GOARTEA 250g (8.8 Oz) Organic Premium Taiwan High Mountain Tung Ting TungTing Dong Ding DongDing Wulong Oolong Tea
  • Net Weight:250g (8.8 Oz)
  • Package:Vacuum sealed package.
  • Type:Oolong Tea
  • Grade:AAAA+
  • Vintage:This Year Harvest Season,

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· Jin Xuan– A unique Oolong named as Milk Oolong owing to the smooth and creamy texture of the tea.

Tealyra - Milk Jin Xuan Oolong - High Mountain Taiwanese Loose Leaf Tea - Great Milky Cream Taste and Aroma - Organically Grown - Weight Loss Tea - 100g (3.5-ounce)
  • This is a special hand processed tea that comes from Jin Xuan Mountain in Taiwan
  • Jin Xuan oolongs are known for their natural rich creamy mouthfeel.
  • Special growing region, and process is what gives this tea its natural creaminess, milk flavor and silky texture
  • Organically grown
  • 3.5oz / 100g sealed pouch

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· Alishan– Cultivated in Chiayi County, Alishan boasts tea plants at an elevation of 1400m in colors of purple to green. Alishan Oolong has a sweet aroma with a fruity taste and is yellow in color.

Mountain Tea Company - 5oz Alishan Oolong, Loose-leaf Green Oolong Tea
  • Vacuum-sealed foil bag in re-usable quick-seal tea container
  • Garden Elevation 1,500 meters above sea level
  • Grown, harvested, and produced by Mountain Tea Company
  • Made from 100% Qing Xing leaf

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· Ruan Xhi– Considered the lightest of Taiwanese Oolongs, Ruan Xhi is renowned as Qingxin and arises from Anxi County.

· Guangdong Oolong Tea

Known for its unique stripe-style of oolongs, Guangdong Oolongs are also known as Dan Congs or Phoenix Mountain Oolongs. Moreover, the tea is known for its ability to imitate smells like orchid, grapefruit, almond and ginger flower.

· Darjeeling Oolong Tea

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Cultivated in the north eastern part of India, Darjeeling Oolong is of two types. The Chinese (Chesima) and the clone variety (AV II) of tea are all grown at elevations of 3000m.

Furthermore, the tea produces an orange and greenish color to the brew.

· Vietnamese Oolong Tea

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Existent since the 15th century, Vietnamese Oolong Tea is harvested at Bao Loc, which stands at an elevation of 850-950m. Known for its organic cultivation methods, Vietnamese Oolong gives a mild yellow color and has a fruity flavor as well.

A variety of oolongs grown in New Zealand is called the Zealong Oolongs while one from India is the Assamese Smoked Oolong.

How to Prepare Oolong Tea

Also termed Wu-long, Oolong is a semi-fermented and oxidized tea.

– After selecting your choice of loose oolong balls- add 10 mL or 2 teaspoons to 6 oz of water and keep aside.

– Now heat your kettle to 205 Fahrenheit and pour a dash of hot water to immediately drain out and clean the leaves.

– The next step is to steep the hot water in oolong leaves. So, fill your tea pot and steep the same for at least 6 minutes with a lid covering it. Serve it hot or cold.

Health Benefits of Oolong Tea

Perfect as both a hot and cold beverage, a noteworthy benefit of Oolong tea is its wide array of health benefits.

· Weight Control

The main weight control substance in Oolong is polyphenol. Additionally, it increases the metabolism of fat cells and activates bodily enzymes to increase its functions. In addition, Polyphenol is also known to clear free radicals and result in younger skin!

· Bone Health

The antioxidants of Oolong helps to prevent toothaches, enhances growth and halt osteoporosis. By increasing the mineral density of the bone, Oolong also boosts retention of minerals from food consumed.

· Anti-Cancer

Skin cancer is sufficiently reduced, thanks to Oolong’s virtue of driving off free radicals. Oolong is known to disturb the carcinogenic growth of cells. Consequently, it also traps the genetic elements prior to being actively cancerous.

· Anti-Diabetes

Renowned for its significant effects of Type II Diabetes, Oolong is known to facilitate blood sugar levels and insulin levels to stabilize the same.

· Stress Buster

Oolong tea is known to affect and reduce stress by 10%- 18% according to experiments. Polyphenols in the tea are the main cause of preventing stress. However, L-theanine in the tea also gives boosts to the cognition and neural reflexes.

Bottom Line

From stabilizing the cholesterol to treating obesity for around 400 years, Oolong tea has been a vital medicinal concoction. Being a sought after Eastern tea, Oolong is filled with stimulants and antioxidants to heal your body and mind.
Therefore, next time you think about milk tea for morning cookies, open the oolong tea and brew yourself a stress-buster Ooolong!

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  1. a lot of of people in the Asia drink downward green tea all day which may seem like a really unfamiliar comprehend to most Westerners. Studies on this unique drink help the many health praises that green tea receives each day. Cancer is among the highest death of populate in the United States.

  2. a lot of of people in the East drink downward green tea each day which may appear like a really unfamiliar sight to most Westerners. Studies on this specific liquid support the many health praises that green tea receives each day. Cancer is among the highest death of populate in the United States.


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