Chantal enamel on steel classic teakettle review

This Chantal Classic Teakettle is one of the excellent-made I have ever bought. With its very attractive style and color, you’ll never regret buying this one.

  • This enamel on steel teakettle fast boils on a short period of time.
  • This stylish kettle can hold up to a 1.8 quarts functional capacity.
  • Another great feature of this is that it has a harmonica whistle which is unique for our ears to hear; a whistle which has an exact volume for us to hear when it is already boiling.
  • Its handle is stainless steel and it has a large opening that allows us users to easily clean its inside part of the kettle.
  • This teakettle can be used on induction, glass, ceramic stovetops and has movable parts that can be replaced if broken.

Benefits of chantal enamel on steel classic teakettle

This is selling fast in amazon because of its stylish look and nice color. This teakettle’s bluish color does not fade over time.  Another thing is the Hohner harmonica whistle is just so pleasing to the ears because it is two-toned that’s why many people buy this teakettle. This kettle heats water quickly because it has a flat base that results to rapid boiling of the liquid.

Other benefits: This enamel on steel kettle is energy efficient since it boils fast in just a matter of minutes. This teakettle is good for people who always have to drink hot tea in the morning.


  • Its color is very attractive and very fine. I like its bluish color and the style of the kettle.
  • It is ideal if only one person is making tea. The water it holds Is good for one person only. So if you are alone at home, this is of great use to you. You can save time and energy.
  • Another thing is its heat is distributed evenly around the kettle so every part is with the same temperature of heat.
  • The whistle of the teakettle is just so right that it has the right volume that is not hurting in the ears to hear. Unlike some other teakettles, its harmonica whistle will last and will still sound even if you use it for how many years.
  • When you are in a hurry and you wanted to make tea, use this kettle as it minimizes the time you will consume in making the water boil.


  • The disadvantage of this teakettle is that it can rust anytime if not properly used and clean. Might as well after using, you need to clean the kettle immediately and let it dry. This will prevent the kettle from rusting.
  • Another thing is that the kettle’s handle heats up preventing me from holding it. The handle is made of stainless steel, thus, it easily heats up along with the body of the kettle. I still need a pot holder in order to pour the kettle’s water into a cup.
  • Another disadvantage is that it can only hold a small amount of water. When I and my friends went for a tea, I used the kettle twice because 1.8 quarts is just good for two people. I can’t pour too much water to the kettle though. So I boiled twice the 1.8 quarts to accommodate four people. It’s not much of a disadvantage though because the kettle easily heats up in a few minutes.
  • I also noticed that the kettle has calcium deposits on it. If you don’t clean your kettle right after using, calcium deposits develop. Maybe it is also because I am using tap water in my teakettle. Calcium deposits don’t develop if you are using mineral water. So just for safety and for cleanliness, clean the kettle immediately after using.

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